About the register

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The Certification Europe Cyber Essentials Register highlights what SMEs are doing to protect not only their own data but the data of the clients and stakeholders. In a post GDPR world, the word compliance is now common place and it is now key for organisations to show what measures are being put in place to protect from potential breaches.

Now, Cyber Essentials is not a silver bullet, nor does it make you immune to a Cyber attack. It does, however, give you peace of mind that you have the basics in place, and perhaps even more importantly, it will give your customers, clients or members peace of mind that you at least have the fundamentals in place to protect their information.

There is a clear need, particularly among Irish SMEs for a simple, straightforward and succinct standard like Cyber Essentials. This can be amply demonstrated by the fact that in a little over 15 months over 100 Irish SMEs have voluntarily invested in and paid to be independently certified against the scheme.

This is a significant statement given that there is no legislation, regulation or any legal requirement necessitating any organisation, let alone SMEs with limited budgets, to actually achieve Cyber Essentials.

Therefore, the fact that over 100 SMEs have freely invested their time and resources in achieving the certification is testimony to the latent demand and need for a straightforward and simple Cyber certification scheme in Ireland.

It also explains the rationale for the launch of the Certification Europe Cyber Essentials’ Register.

Until now;

  • organisations had no means of promoting the fact that they had successfully achieved certification nor get recognition for their achievement,

  • there has been no authoritative source to which the public or businesses could turn in order to verify claims of certification, and

  • there has been no entity or body compiling information nationally on Cyber certifications in Ireland and as a result no informed data, trend analysis or insight into how organisations, and SMEs in particular, were tackling Cyber security

The Certification Europe Cyber Essentials Register sets out to tackle these three deficiencies.

As a result of this initiative, organisations now have a platform to recognise their achievements, businesses have a creditable source to verify Cyber certification claims, and for the first time in Ireland is there now a definitive listing and the start of a national data set which over time will be able to give an authoritative insight on how organisations are adopting certification scheme to tackle the challenges of Cyber security. 

In the following section, you can find almost every cross section of the organisation, from theatres, golf clubs and childcare facilities, to solicitors, medical centres and credit unions, all bound by their common desire to protect the personal data of their members, customers and clients across Ireland.